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Sea of Gold

Sea Moss Capsules (60)

Sea Moss Capsules (60)

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Ingredients: Organic Sea Moss, Organic Bladderwrack, Organic Burdock Root
There are NO other ingredients, additives, or preservatives. Everything is natural
Our Capsules are made in a GMP-Certified and FDA-Registered facility.
60 Capsules = 30 day supply 

Take 1-2 capsules daily

Why Sea Moss?



Did you know Sea Moss contains 92 of the 102 minerals your body needs to thrive?


Sea moss is a species of red algae that provides the natural nutrients and minerals the body & skin requires in order to build a healthy body inside and out!

Sea Moss includes iodine which has been known to assist in the proper production of the thyroid.

Sea Moss also includes phosphate, potassium, beta-carotene, zinc, protein, vitamin A, B, C, and K, calcium, sulfur, magnesium, and omega-3 fatty acids.

These natural vitamins and minerals have been known to promote fast thick long hair growth along with beautiful glowing skin.

Nutrients you receive from Sea Moss can help hydrate and promote healthy skin.

  • *Metabolism: Can increase your energy, make you lighter on your feet and feeling good.
  • *Recovery: Has been known to soothe pain from muscle soreness or inflammation and extract toxins from the body while making you feel better. A good pain reliever and detoxifier.
  • *Thyroid function: A lot of people suffer from thyroid disease such as thyroid cancer or under/overactive thyroid. Sea Moss has been known to provide thyroid regularity.
  • *Appetite Suppressant: Because of the fiber in Sea moss it has been known to help with weight loss and weight stabilization.
  • *Hair Growth and Skin:  With the numerous minerals and nutrients sea moss contains it has been known to make your hair grow fast, thick and long. Based on reviews it is said to be great for sunburns as well.
  • *Boosts Immune System: Includes plenty of anti-properties such as antibacterial, anticoagulant, antimicrobial and antiviral properties. It is said to help your body fight off illnesses.
  • *GOOD SEX: Sea moss is high in zinc and anti-inflammatory properties which have been known to provide adequate blood flow circulation and make it an enjoyable and LONG evening. Thank us later lol



    Burdock Root Benefits 

    can increase urine flow, kill germs, reduce fever, and “purify” the blood. It is also used to help with colds, cancer, anorexia nervosa, gastrointestinal (GI) complaints, joint pain (rheumatism), gout, bladder infections, complications of syphilis, and skin conditions including acne and psoriasis.


    Bladderwrack Benefits

    Traditional medicinal practices have used it for centuries to help with an array of conditions, such as iodine deficiency, obesity, joint pain, aging skin, digestive issues, urinary tract infection, and thyroid dysfunction, including hyperthyroidism, hypothyroidism, and goiter development.


     People who should avoid burdock root & bladderwrack combination include women who are pregnant, want to become pregnant, or who are breastfeeding. children under 18. people with a history of allergies to plants, unless a doctor suggests otherwise.


    AGAIN I am not a doctor please do your own due diligence before consuming anything.


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